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Red or White?

I feel like a inadequate woman and GTer to admit that for decades I did.not.like.wine. None of it - yuck. If forced, I could choke down a white with a puckering grimace. I gave up trying and stuck with liquor.

Well, lo and behold, after my latest trip to Europe, (I was forced, FORCED I say) to try a variety of wines with my meals. Turns out my palette has changed, and I am now a fervent convert.*

My question to all you wine drinkers, what are your preferences? After buying (and drinking) multiple bottles to “test”, I am leaning towards a preference for pinot noir, particularly a couple of different vintages that were “vieilles vines”. The whites I’ve tried still seem bitter. The rosés - bland.



*Note I am a complete novice and know absolutely nothing about wine. I didn’t even know that the different types were named after types of grapes. All those descriptions about notes of oak and leather with a hint of peach just make my eyes roll.

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