*** spoilers incase you are super late to the game***

Okay i'll admit, i do not like medieval-y stuff. I hate Skyrim. I really don't get the hype, doesn't interest me one bit. I laughed at Suh dude when he started watching Game of Thrones on HBO Go. Then last week in a moment of boredom, i played the first episode. Ok, shit damn this isn't half bad. Then we proceeded to watch all 3 seasons in less than a week.

Yesterday i watched the Red Wedding episode. Suh dude had seen spoilers awhile ago for it so he knew what was coming. I had never paid attention to anything that had anything to do with GOT so i didn't know. Before we played the episode he said "hope you're ready for this episode" so like, i knew something crazy was going to happen.

Then it gets to the wedding, and as soon as the band starts playing that different tune i was like "OH SHIT SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! GET OUT OF THERE!"

Then shit starts going down, you know. I keep looking over at Suh dude and saying "this isn't real right? this is a joke?" while also yelling "no" over and over. Then i was like "they fucking made them orphans are you fucking kidding me?"


So anyways now i am deep within a stupid love for GOT, ugh. My favorite characters are khaleesi and bran. Suh dude's favorite character's are tyrion and jaime. (why? i have no dang clue)

I can't watch anymore True Detective or GOT right now, so what the heck do i watch?

I'm so late to the party.