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Are any of you on reddit? I just recently created an account after discovering some subs I liked (hallo, MUA and lacqeristas!), which meant I couldn't keep using my boyfriend's account anymore. But there are some questions I hope y'all could answer for me...

What's the deal with feminism on reddit? I mean I know it's mostly men and is full of MRAs and Red Pills and Nice Guys, but I can't seem to crack the deal with the feminism subs. There's r/feminism and then r/wherearethefeminists, which apparently exists to look over r/feminism? Then there's r/feminisms. Which one is the 'right' feminism sub? Is there no actual good one?

Then does anyone know the deal with the other women-centric spaces? I've heard some bad things about r/twoxchromosomes but I don't really know what the deal is. Then there's r/trollxchromosomes. I really really like r/thegirlsurvivalguide, despite apparent recent problems with the abortion issue. But then there's the repeated use of 'female' all over the site which really rubs me the wrong way :/


Is there still a huge fight between gawker and reddit? Or is everyone finally over that?

So who of you are on reddit? Which subs should I be in? I'm so confused!

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