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Report from the Men's Rights Conference

Refinery29 has a nice write-up of the Men's Rights Conference that happened recently. notahip linked to it this morning, but I feel like it deserves its own post. It's a worthwhile read.

This line stood out to me, about the controversy leading up to the event:

It should be noted that A Voice For Men publicly expressed an equally conscientious commitment to non-violence at the conference. When certain commenters replied with violent language to the open letter to Emma [a feminist activist], they were reprimanded and told they'd be barred from the comments section (and the conference) if the language continued. I spent the following weeks elbow-deep in comments, social media, and publicity on both sides and the message remained the same: These people are monsters, but we are not. So, don't act like it.


I've mentioned my thoughts on this before, that there's a lot of aggression from MRAs even though we could be fighting the same fight. I got a lot of that from this piece, in addition to the expected cringe-worthy MRA soundbites. ("Rape culture only exists as propaganda.")

Also, the comments are kind of a shitshow. (Lots of referring to circumcision as "male genital mutilation.") Just warning you.

ETA: Courtesy of notahip, another write-up of the conference.

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