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Today feels like a better day than I've had in a long time. Baby Haa has dined exclusively on breast milk so far today (2 nursing sessions and a bottle). I'm one ounce away from having a second bottle so I'm feeling positive about that. My doctor called me this morning and I answered right away. I told her I had gotten some sleep last night, skipping a midnight pumping session and I'm getting dinner with some girl friends at the local tech school's culinary program's restaurant tonight. I plan on drinking wine and talking about something other than Baby Haa.

Also can I be super shallow for a moment here? Besides the connection with Baby Haa, the health benefits, and the cost benefits if I stop breastfeeding I'm really going to miss my tits. I bought a couple really cute nursing bras in a bigger size that actually fits and they look so awesome. Mr. Haa kept getting distracted last night when we were having a conversation. He made me put on a sweater. I'm afraid of what is going to happen to them when they deflate. My boobs have never been very big but they had being really perky going for them. Is the one part of my body that positively benefited from pregnancy and childbirth going to be disgusting and gross too?

Other than that I'm not feeling any more cramping than I normally do due to a period although it's super heavy this cycle. Hopefully the Mirena just stops my period completely. I sure wouldn't miss this.

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