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Reflections on parenthood

A couple observations about being a mom/having a baby.

1) If you put your daughter in a baby blue fleece winter coat you will have countless strangers assume she is a boy and make comments. If you correct them they will get awkwardly embarrassed and feel bad so you usually just don't because you don't care. Your mother however will beg you to sew pink bows on the coat to make it obvious. Nope. Don't curr.

2) When you go back to work you are expected to miss your baby so horribly you can talk about nothing other than how much you miss her. If you aren't sufficiently upset at being away from your baby you are A BAD MOM. Also you are expected to call to check in on her a couple times a day.


People. I'm happy to show you a couple pictures and say a few words but I'm not in mourning that I'm back at work away from my kid for 9 hours a day. I want to talk adult now. Thanks.

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