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December started with getting unexpectedly and unceremoniously dumped because I was deemed "not really to settle down." This was done via email, and followed up with finding a box of everything I had at his house on my doorstep a few days later. I haven't really told many people at work because I'm not really that close with any of my coworkers and it seems like self-torture to bring it up just to cry about it. Well... today at lunch one of my coworkers who likes to flip through OKStupid profiles found the profile of my recent ex. I realise everyone moves on at different speeds so it makes sense that eventually he would start looking for someone new, but I was definitely not expecting for his profile to be full of pictures of things we did with me photoshopped out of them. EVERY SINGLE ONE. As in "Here's me on top of Mount Rainier at sunrise" (where's your climbing partner, fucker? You didn't climb that mountain by yourself!)

So what am I doing? Hiding in the scope room, counting cells. Trying desperately hard not to start sobbing.

ETA. I contacted the person who took the photo (and therefore has its intellectual property rights) and she said she's going to tell him to take it down. She also reminded me of when he stabbed himself with his own crampons.

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