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Regarding Last Night And The Sequined Dress...

I know, I know, y'all hella loved the Slytherin Green Sequin Dress I posted last night. I loved it too. It worked out, fit-wise.

It wasn't so bad, I suppose sequins take some getting used to. But the BIGGEST thrill of the night was how appreciative the people who came to the event with me were.


Let me explain:

It's not so much an 'event' as it is an 'exclusive once in a lifetime experience', and the last time I invited people to go, only one person loved it. One, other than myself. I was livid that from the other two people, all I got were complaints about how boring it was, when I jumped through hoops to get them in (Best friend was one of the complainers.) So I invited the girl who liked it, and some other close friends. Personal close friends couldn't make it, so I told her to invite her friends.

So glad! They were a nice bunch, loved it, made it all the more fun, and THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!

We all looked so glam. It was fab. Oh, and minor hangover on my end, but I rally pretty quick. Tonight is a Christmas party, which, if last year is any indicator, I may not remember.


EDIT: Where to get the dress.

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