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Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia

Charmed22 mentioned it earlier, but BBC3 has a rather terrifying documentary, available on iPlayer, about Russia. In this first episode, Reggie, a well known mixed-race presenter, meets Russian Nationalist Socialists and some of their victims.

I thought that the EDL was bad, but these guys are swept up in the kind of rhetoric I don't think even the actual Nazis went near. They delight in filming themselves attacking immigrants, they refuse to answer Reggie's questions and instead throw racial slurs and threats at him, they have knife fighting training classes where kids as young as 14 learn how to attack people.


What particularly interested me was the role of social media in all of this. As a lot of you know, I work in social media marketing, so spend most of my days on Twitter. I have seen viral hatred, abuse and public shaming. It is well known to me, and the vast majority of people, that social media brings out the very worst in people. These young Russian extremists film everything, and share it immediately, with no fear. The normalization and promotion of unprovoked violence against ethnic minorities is fuelled through art and social media - Reggie couldn't turn without noticing someone trying to photograph or film him, accidentally going viral on VK, the Russian social network. Clearly propaganda is a very powerful tool and hugely influential in how these people view what it is to be Russian, and I wondered why nationalist groups elsewhere haven't had the same success. Or am I just being really blind?

I strongly recommend it to anyone able to watch it, I feel the need to talk to people about it, but all me and BoyFloreat can say to each other is "fucking hell."

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