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Here's the second product I'll be reviewing for the first week of the experiment: theBalm Cosmetics' Frat Boy blush.

theBalm often gets overlooked in the beauty world because its cheeky, cartoon-y and vintage-style packaging can draw too close a comparison with the more well known Benefit. But for my money, theBalm has the clear advantage.


Their products are beautifully pigmented and the colors are fantastic. The blushes in particular blend into the skin for a natural effect like nothing else I've used. Even colors with undertones of peach or purple which ordinarily wouldn't work for my very cool-toned skin still manage to come off as flattering — if a little unusual.

It's often difficult to get a good picture of Frat Boy's exact color. What looks like a normal pink here is actually more of an salmon-y peach in person. I also had serious concerns initially about the cardboard packaging, but heard from a reliable source that the cardboard actually protects the pressed powder products against shattering. Anyone who's had an expensive hard plastic compact explode all over the floor will know the pain, so while the cardboard may seem flimsy or cheap, it might actually be saving you money and grief down the line.

You can expect to see a full review with swatches sometime next week. In the meantime, let me know if you've tried theBalm's products. What's been your experience?

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