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So I’ve been super absent (again) but I’ve been sad about something and I’ve hesitated talking about it because I’m afraid of the reaction. But I need to talk it out.

I rehomed my cats after 2.5 years. There I said it. They were a brother and sister named Merlin and Morgana, they were my babies and I adored them. However my fiancee was having progressive breathing and skin issues no matter what we did or medication that he took. It was two weeks ago, and it killed both of us to do it. For days I kept looking for them, I found a toy under my fiancee’s desk and cried.

I love them still, they’re with the foster mom who had them before me. A friend’s coworker who when I told her acted nice as pie via Facebook about it. Who then viciously bad mouthed us at her workplace, and our friend complained to our circle about how we’re terrible people for doing this. Another friend’s wife who has known my fiancee since middle school has been treating us shitty.


I’m so mad and sad simultaneously. The fact that our friends thought we came to this conclusion lightly kills me. Like you’ve seen my social media, you’ve seen me at home with them, you’ve all teased me about how much of a crazy cat lady I was about them.

On top of the friend drama I still don’t have my babies.

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