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Oh wow. Zap uncovered a doozie.


Someone thought it would be a good idea to sell this shitty sexist demeaning piece of crap that tells girls it's better to leech on to 'boys' than sit down with a classic work of literature. Because HAHAHAH BOOKS ARE HARD UGH.

Will corporate America ever learn? Nope. Probably not! That's why it's up to us to deal with this shit.


Use the #rejectedwindsorstoretshirtideas to tweet your best suggestions for other shitty sexist t-shirt ideas! Don't forget to include @Windsorstore, a retailer who apparently thinks THIS SHIT IS FUNNY LOL LOL LOL.

GOOD FIND, ZAP! And thanks Penabler:

(via Drink, Curse, Screw)


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