Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

J0b hunting.

It’s so hard not to get caught in the cycle of apply for THE JOB (the 3rd one you’ve loved like your high school crush this week) to feel the crash of the rejection email.

I don’t mind these emails. I think they are good, they keep me fighting, but I am trying REAL hard not to pull at the “wait is there something wrong with me?” thread. Historically, I am VERY hard on myself, and not finding a job in 3 weeks is NOT uncommon nor does that mean I’m doomed. In fact I could probably stand to calm the fuck down.


I will say I appreciate them more than the ghost response. It’s as if I sent an email into space and maybe 30 years later I will get a response.

How do you guys stay motivated? I’m reaching out to connections, meeting new people, being sure to get out of the house and stay engaged, but.... my type A, perfectionist, YOU MUST DO is slowly starting to take over and that’s not going to be pretty.

Alternatively, how do you jezzies soothe the savage perfectionist beast?

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