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Related to the Jez mainpage "Dudes of Food" article...

...is this applause-worthy response to the stupid article in Time magazine by chef Amanda Cohen, of NYC restaurant Dirt Candy (which is fantastic, btw - it's pretty much my favorite NYC fancy eatin' spot).

I love this woman. She pulls no punches with her wits OR her food. For example:

"One thing we all have to keep in mind when reading these pieces about "The Conjoined Triplets Linked at the Forehead of Food" is that Mr. Chua-Eoan can only include what he knows and, like most editors, he spends so much time typing that he can't get out into the world like the rest of us and see what's actually going on. Instead, he's trapped in a bubble, going to the same parties again and again, seeing the same chefs over and over, fighting for gift bags at the same events as all the other food editors. It's like a human centipede of journalism, and being in a human centipede doesn't leave you a lot of time for anything else. Trust me, I was in a human centipede in Vancouver once and it was very time consuming."


"Some people have a problem that the centerpiece of the TIME article, a family tree of chef influences, doesn't include any women. Duh. How stupid is everyone? As Mr. Chua-Eoan says of the magical chart, which was put together by Aaron Arizpe:

"It's all men because men still take care of themselves. The women really need someone — if not men, themselves actually — to sort of take care of each other."

So see, women don't take care of themselves or shave their legs enough or something, and they don't have men doing it for them, so they're not on the chart."

I definitely recommend reading the whole article.

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