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Relationship advice OT

Hi GT,

My relationship is not going well right now. There are a lot of issues; I won’t go into them all but a main one is that we haven’t really gone out in months. SO Menkana has been depressed and never wants to leave the house anymore. They go to work, they go to class (and about half the time at least they skip class), and they go hang out sometimes with their two younger sisters, their parents, or their friend Thomas. That’s about it. When they go hang out with Thomas or the sisters, I’m usually not invited.

If we can keep it together until our one-year anniversary on May 9th (and yes, our one-year anniversary is during Finals Week), we might go out and do something, but I don’t know what at this point. We had a long conversation tonight and SO admitted they just want to stay in all the time; they don’t want to go places with me anymore.


SO eats out pretty much constantly. They’re a really picky eater, they don’t cook, and they basically won’t eat my cooking. I get sent out on fast food runs for them when they don’t want to leave the house at all, but I can’t remember exactly the last time we ate out together somewhere. It was probably over a month ago at least.

A lot of times SO demands that I give them a ride to class. Which is annoying, but whatever. This is one of the few circumstances where we’ve gone somewhere together recently. SO hates driving so if we go somewhere together usually I have to do it. Which I don’t mind, but I’m also admittedly a really terrible driver, so SO has never once let me drive their car. I don’t get how you’re going to ask a partner for rides all the time when you won’t even let them drive your car. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care about this, but right now I’m worried that something’s wrong with mine.


I realize I’m only bitching about the negatives and not saying anything about the positives. They are there, although I haven’t seen much of them lately. In a few months I’m leaving to go to grad school in another state. That’s always been the plan, so if things continue after that point it will be long-distance. I always thought things would make it past that point though. Now I don’t know. I’m hoping this is just a rut we’ve fallen into and I know things need to change.

If you have relationship drama of your own post about it below.

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