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Relationship advice please guys?

So I live a melodramatic life. I will try to be brief as possible. I live with my ex, who broke up with me 6 months ago, his girlfriend and a ton of other couples (and three other single people who mostly keep themselves to themselves) in a university halls of residence. In October, I properly met a guy called, for the purposes of this, Greg. So me and Greg get on really well, and the couples love seeing other couples get together. So they stirred. However, I did not fancy Greg and told him so and we had a conversation about that. Soon afterwards I saw him at work (as a youth worker) and questioned whether I did fancy him. Since November, we have been increasingly close but we have had the define the relationship conversation a number of times.

However, since Christmas, I have been relatively sure I do like him as more than a friend, and other people who have stirred have told me that he is at least acting like he liked me back. People have also told him he is not good enough for me, which is A TERRIBLE THING TO DO, just generally as a person.


Anyway, today we went for lunch and he was acting very weird, like he fancied me. So when he went to the loo (the toilet for you non-English people) I texted my friend and said, "Pretty sure Greg just said something like he fancied me."

He got back from the loo, and said, "What the hell is this Roo?", holding up his phone. I SENT IT TO HIM BY ACCIDENT. My life.

Then he basically started to lay into me verbally, saying things like, "Why would you even spread lies like this?", "Who do you think you are?" and "Do I have to spell it out to you? Carve it somewhere? I DO NOT FANCY YOU." And my favourite, "Is our entire friendship built on the fact that you don't trust me and lie to me?" Then he just glared angrily at me to explain. This was delightful. Not.


Then we continued walking in awkward silence for 5 minutes (we had left the pub at this point.) I just didn't know what to say. I felt very awkward and slightly rejected. Then I summoned my lack of courage and said, "Um, I think I wanted you to be saying that you liked me." Then I died inside.


His reaction?

"Roo, I have been lying to you about fancying you for 3 months."


I think he then expected me to run into his arms. I am not a normal person like that. I called him a dick and told him to fuck off. And then I told him I was going to a meeting (I was.) And speed walked away from him. I turned round to yell that I wasn't sure how I felt and then continued away. He practically ran after me (actually walked , he is a lot taller than me.) shouting things like "I really like you" but I was having none of that crap. Wuss.

So that is what happened to me today. What do I do now? This dude is my best friend. And I am not sure whether I do fancy him or not, but we haven't talked for over 12 hours now, which is a LONG time for us. This is a very random situation, but Groupthink, you guys are a whole lot wiser than me. Any advice?


In advance,

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