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Relationship Saga *******************Part 2******************* - be forewarned

So, then I got this message from him:

please do take the time to read the following message.

As I have been quite overwhelmed by my feelings Sunday night and could not hold back my tears, I decided that I should contact you now.
I deeply apologize for any inappropriate comments and my behavior towards you.
We have spent several wonderful days together and I deeply regret that this intense time has now been overshadowed by the last two hours.
The separation from my last girlfriend took place in January and I still have to get along with this experience. It is correct, I will be meeting another girl in France this June, but when it comes to a relationship, things do not seem to be that clear until now.
I feel that I need some time to contemplate about my current personal situation as recent events and settling down in the capital have agitated me quite a lot.

You are a wonderful friend- to be frank the only one I can go to the opera with and have intense discussions about politics, travelling, music and history at the same time.
We are both not sure where our professional future will lead us in the future; you head back to the US this fall whereas I stay in Berlin at least for the next couple of years.
Things would be a lot easier if we both knew we were living on the same continent forever. This still seems iffy to me.
Please grant me some time of reflection. I am well aware that you need enough time to get along with your broken heart, but be assured that mine is broken as well. I am not only a rational person, but plenty of emotion towards you as well.
I beg you to re-establish our contact after a couple of months when we know more about our future.
Not doing so would make me tremendously sad and leave me devastated. I would have lost an extraordinary friend to talk to, to laugh with and to learn from.
If you decide to give up any contact with me, I would at least ask you not to delete me from your facebook friend list.
In the latter case, I will always remember you as an extraordinary human being with an enormous range of interests and skills. Please do not efface these special days we spent together this spring in Berlin.
I will never forget your generosity and your help in various situations.

Farewell, dear C – hopefully not forever!



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