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Relationship Summary finally

It occurs to me that I never did make my grand post about my new beau. In a little over a week, we will have been together for six months! We accidentally have the perfect celebration lined up. We got Pottercon tickets for our half-year anniversary before I realized what day it was. So we can toast our success thus far with butterbeer!
Backing up to the beginning though, we met on Okcupid. I contacted him first because we had an over 95% match rating and looked like a pleasant guy. We quickly bonded over Stephen King, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, American Horror Story, and other nerdy things while also sharing information about ourselves. After a couple weeks of talking on okc, we traded Facebooks. Soon we started fb messaging at all hours. I would sit out on my porch some nights and chat with him. Often we wouldn’t stop until midnight. Conversation flowed so easily. We even began little pet names like him calling me Hermione. It was sweet.
After awhile, I knew he was it. I then had two agonizing conversations about every red flag of my own that might make him run from me. But he wasn’t deterred from my depression past, my recent breakup baggage, or even intricacies of being disabled that I don’t share easily.
We decided to talk the evening before the National Bookfest and we lasted longer than I meant to knowing that I had to get up early for it. We had a strong enough feeling about each other that we even debated if we had to meet before beginning a relationship. Two days later we met in person.
He came over to my house to see me. We hugged and kissed as soon as we saw each other. Then we played scrabble. I beat him but he did put up a good fight. Afterwards, we went back to my room and kissed a lot more. It took almost every ounce of willpower not to completely have sex. This completely surprised me because I had easily waited months with my only other partner. As it was, we went fairly far. I showed him my breasts. He showed me his penis. I admired it shortly before my smarter side took control and we went back to more chastely kissing. When he got home, we declared relationship on Facebook and the next day we both disappeared from the okc dating pool.
We started talking every day between dates. On our second date, I tried out getting into his car and found it luckily easy. We played scrabble again. I beat him again. We carried on like we had before. On the third date, we both lost our restraint. It was glorious. After he left, we talked again and exchanged I love you.
The next week, I met his family. It was so pleasant. It was like I was just there at his parent’s house. Hanging out like anyone would. Guys, this was beyond a relief to me after my ex made me to afraid to meet his family. I still don’t know my current boyfriend’s parents well but they seem welcoming and I love his siblings. They are great company.
Since then, we have spent a lot of wonderful times together. There has been many occasions of the standard dinner and a movie. Some of the movies were actually at my town hall as part of my town’s film society. There have been a lot of other outings too. We went to a theatrical production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The audience participation was so much fun.
We went shopping with his siblings on Thanksgiving after I attended his family gathering. It was only to Hot Topic but I hadn’t been in a mall in years. My money was hard to reach in my purse so he bought me a top and a Wonder Woman bracelet set. In the weeks after, we went to Barnes and Noble and Hot Topic a lot. We even went to a Harry Potter Yule Ball at Barnes and Noble. It was such fun. We also saw A John Waters Christmas. I drank and consumed too much and threw up but he was a doll about it. I still got John Waters to sign some books after. The holiday celebration continued with multiple holiday light displays.
He attended my extended family Christmas. I think he got overwhelmed by my relatives. I come from a very large family and his is much smaller. Everyone loved him. Afterwards, we opened presents. My mom went overboard with gifts for us both. She picked great things though.
On New Years Eve, I attended his family party. It was really fun. It was nice to meet even more of his friends. I had already met one when we saw Suicide Squad at the cheap theater and another when we saw Fantastic Beasts. There were a few more at NYE. I played CAH for the first time and actually did quite well. We toasted with sparkling cider and kissed before leaving.
In January, he took me to see an old acquaintance’s husband’s band play at a restaurant. The next week he went on a family vacation. We kept in touch well and he made me quite jealous of places he went. I had some fun without him though. I went with relatives to see my mom’s cousin’s band play at the same restaurant and attended my town’s movie night for January with my uncle. Our reunion was extremely nice when he came back.
In February, we went with his brother and his mom to his county’s downtown Fire in Ice celebration. We saw about twenty or more ice sculptures. One was being created that night as a live demonstration which was so cool. It was of a pikachu. There was an ice bar and a fire pit with s’mores. Afterwards, we ate amazing Mexican food and then headed to his friend’s new home. We watched Deadpool there. It was a great night. I watched the Super Bowl with him and his friends the next day. It was a lot more fun than I expected.
We had a very sweet Valentine’s Day. He gave me a pop-up card with a fish jumping into another fish’s bowl. It’s adorable. He impulsively bought me a rose that day. So romantic. We stayed in but had a great time. It was above and beyond my expectations for the day. So much better than last year.
Also, in February, I played my first real magic the gathering game. I think I really will get used to it soon. He loves it.
March has been great so far. We are trying to get through Twin Peaks when we aren’t getting out of the house. We have been going out a lot though. Sometimes just to his parents. His siblings and him are getting me to watch the marvel movies. I have been getting him to watch old movies and indies.
Throughout this time he had been wonderfully supportive of me. He has taken me to more than one medical appointment. He has offered me reassurance whenever I needed it, especially early on in the relationship. Everything is just so serene with us. No added stress. He is like home to me. It’s so awesomely unexpected. I really didn’t think I could love again when I went on Okcupid. Now I am so glad that I tried it anyway. I already can’t imagine not being with him.


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