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So, after spending a day with relatives, it got me to thinking, we probably all have a relative we dread seeing. On the flip side, we all have a favorite as well. Who are these people for you? What’s your reasoning for it?

I can’t handle my BIL. He’s a deadbeat, who always has a beer in hand (even when driving my nieces around), is loud and inappropriate, and berates my sister even though she’s fully supported him the whole time they have been together. He hasn’t held down a job for over 2 weeks in 30 years. He’s 53. So...

I love my no bullshit 87 yr old grandma. When I had my baby shower, she came in and told me I finally got fat, and somehow,coming from her, and since we had conversations about my miscarriage and about hers, it was actually really sweet. Also, if you drive anywhere with her, she will pull over into any field and pull dandelions for the greens, and if you complain, she will remind you that food is food. Also, she called my brother a pussy once.


The other is my cousin, winnie* (not her name), who drinks wine, plays sports, gets dirty, drinks, and talks shit with me. We were literally raised in each other’s kitchens together, and she’s more of a sister to me than my sisters are (prob bc of the closeness in age- we are 11 months apart- my sisters are 8and 10 years older). She never makes a big deal of my disability, but if she’s heading to the store, she calls me to see if I want to go along, even though I’m totally out of the way. She’s awesome like that. We have lived together, I got her her current job, her kids call me auntie, we share a lot of the same memories. I think one of the most important things is we can have an argument respectfully. We can also tell each other to shut the hell up, stop being a bitch, or that outfit looks awful, and we know it’s not from a place of spite- maybe we are saying something we shouldn’t, hey, your ass is hanging out (not that that is a BAD thing, but time and place).

So, GT- now that I’ve word vomited all over- tell me about your people!

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