It’s San Diego ComicCon again! Which means it’s a frigging madhouse of humanity, being nerdy about entertainment, and learning great things about the stories they love. Luckily, some panels/discussions/lecture-type things are being live streamed on this here InterWebs! My favorite panels are the Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause, benefitting Operation Smile. They livestream the lectures, which are purely audience-driven, so I can watch in the safety comfort of my own home. I like to then donate a bit to Operation Smile as a thank-you for that luxury. It’s hosted by Zachary Levi (who I just found out is divorcing, after less than a year of marriage. This is older news, but I must have missed it when I was busy out there, living a life. Sad for them.) who is gregarious and lovely and an excellent moderator for most panels. Sometimes he gets guests, so he doesn’t go hoarse, and then other moderators like the Awesome Aisha Tyler or Exceptionally Loveable Nathan Fillion come by. Today they had a panel with William Shatner that I missed—they say all panels will be posted online at a future time (hoping sooner than later).

Tonight at 10:30 EDT/7:30PDT they’re having a Conversation with Julie Plec & friends.* Julie Plec is one of us, you guys. From the little I’ve seen of her on the Twitter and the Instagram, we could totally hang out in a corner booth, drinking wine until the restaurant closed, talking about everything and nothing. Much like we do here! She’s the creator & exec producer of many television shows, including The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Contaigion, et al. She worked on Kyle XY. She’s come up with the Dawson’s Creek writers/producers (who are EVERYWHERE now). She loves YA fiction and telling bigger stories through ridiculous metaphors. I am a fan, and not just because I want to hang out with her. What I’m saying is, it should be a good panel. I love the mystery of “& friends,” because it really could be anybody. It could be some of her writers from her shows; it could be writers from Dawson’s Creek that she’s worked with, who are now running their own shows; It could be some of her more personable actors; who knows??? She writes some intelligent, relateable women, and men who respect them. You should watch. (gif is of Katherine the Vampire, because she’s the best. Very Three-Musketeers’ Milady de Winter, in a vampire/werewolf/witch world. How delightfully unexpected.)

*links to livestream that runs all day. Who knows what you’ll hear/see when you click it before the scheduled Plec time.

I think it’s tomorrow night that the Badass Women panel happens. Last year’s was great. They haven’t announced who will be there, but I’m sure it will again have a variety of women, discussing their experiences. I want to livestream all the Badass Women panels at Comiccons everywhere, because it’s an interesting discussion that I’m glad is happening, and want to hear all the stories.

There is also a Mystery Panel scheduled. We won’t know who’s there, until it’s happening. Fingers crossed Hiddles will stop by again...!


...and maybe pretends to be a velociraptor....