Since I wrote the post about Rachel Oates and the clever questions atheists cannot answer. I made a blanket statement aabout religious being willfully stupid. I probably shoud have stuck to vast number of fundamentalists but then and now in some ways I am in no mood to make differences.

I have been thinking “how did I get here”. I realized it was not a moment of time I came up with this but an evolution.

I was third generation going to Catholic schools. My late grandmother, mother and now I are all products of Catholic School education. I am the first to go from high school to college my mother it was decades in between.

In retrospect I know there was a lot of dark happenings going on especially in High School. I look back and see a lot of wrong things being taught. Yet at the time I did not know and enjoyed my years there. I loved college most of all.

I was a “good” Catholic. I taught in high school ccd at my local Church. During these years I accepted things on “faith” yet even young things made no sense.


Some simple like “where are the dinosaurs” to “Babel makes no sense”. Babel still does not how could folks suddenly know just not words in a language they never spoke but the grammatical structure and writing.

It was Cosmos by Carl Sagan that started to crack my faith. I saw us as a world of billions. Ray Bradbury in high school further cracked my beliefs. I loved his short stories Illustrated Man and R and S short story books. Also Martian Chronicles.


I also during these years seeing hard working nuns cowtow to priests of the parish. The Parish priests in grade school well they liked going into the school to get the coffee fresh made by nuns. The head priest worked hard in book keeping but the assistant priest he liked his fresh morning coffee and his afternoons playing racketball. We also had another one who prior to Racketball Priest always found himself with fresh nunmade coffee and mooshing meals at folks houses.

I never had highest respect for priests.

In high school a Brother taught science is for science and religion class is for religion. That stuck with me.


So at the end of high school I still had many Catholic belief but things for falling. The word “faith” in my mind was mental laziness.

In college even though it was Catholic and run by nuns religion except for the mandatory religion class for undergrad school. Grad school had no requirement. Oh a comparative religion course sufficed for the required religion course.


My religious beliefs fell away. In high school we had a former nun who paid for a students girlfriend abortion and convinced her parents to sterilize her brother who was getting married, the brother and his gf both had learning disabilities I believe Down Syndrome.

So my opinion on abortion wavered. I confess until college I was leaning antichoice. I realize how disgusting that is and ashamed of it. In college I got to know some women who had abortions and realized the nuns and Church lied. That these women were neither harlots or victims. The nuns seemed to have never made up their mind whether a woman having an abortion is a harlot or victim.


It seemed to me such a disconnect from reality. In college I learned as much outside the classroom as in. I went to a boys high school to a college in which the day students were 90 percent female. I had a friend in college who I adored but also scared me. She made me think and to think like a person not a gender. Whenever I said something dumb she would give me a look and she would say “(name) think you know better”.

College was the end of my active part of being a Catholic. If asked I define myself as Catholic like I define myself as a descendent of French Canadians.


It was my education and curiousity and love of science that in many ways destroyed the pillors of my religiousity my college years cut the ties.

Yet I would not call myself an atheist. I had a teacher in grad school and one of my failings is I can be an elitist when it comes to education. I college it was really bad. The head of the department who also taught said when I said I knew so much now. He said “no you do not even know a pinprick, neither do I, no one does”.


It stayed with me. I do not know enough to say “there is no god”. I lean towards religion and belief in God is our way of explaining our existance. I also believe religion has served as a way of creating order in society and had characters that people could aspire to like Jesus or Hercules.

Yet there is so much science and education just at our fingertips that one can use to debunk myth from reality. There is no reason to believe world is 6k years old. None. There is no reason to believe Babel nor Job happened nor Sodam and Gamora (sp).


To believe this I keep thinking of my education and information that is available today. Far, far more then the 80s. Yet some well Fundamentalists take it literally. It angers me so much. What I read what Rachel answered it just flies in the face of educatlion of the historic amount of information we have.

So yeah this was my path to my using the term willful stupidity.

What would scholars like Isaac Newton or Michaelangelo have done in todays world? Would they have just ignored the vast info?


I know you are thinking “well reading this I do not need sleeping pills”. I totally agree. I fear dowsing off if I read it.