Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey everyone! I need a little assistance....My dad is writing a research paper about spanking children. In the paper he is arguing that spanking is beneficial to children. I know there has been a ton of debate regarding this topic, but my question lies simply in a particular quote that was written in the paper.

He wrote, "Parents have been ordained by God the right to discipline their children when needed. But they are giving this right away and this is leading to undisciplined children, which leads to an out of control society."


I'm trying to make a point that putting that in the paper weakens the paper but I can't quite explain well enough why that is, particularly around the 'parents have been ordained by God' bit. Any suggestions? Any defendants of keeping that in the paper (regardless of religious view or perspective on the subject matter?) Anything would be greatly appreciated!

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