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I wasn't here when this happened, but my dad called a company to come clean our gutters. The guy who came did what he was supposed to do but spent a bit of time asking my dad if he believed in God, talked about Christianity and its importance, etc. Basically, this guy tried to "convert" my dad to Christianity (...too bad my dad is an atheist!). He also gave my dad a Bible and a cross. My dad can be an asshole sometimes, but he heard this guy out. If it was me, I would've gotten impatient, told him I had something to do, and maybe reported him to his workplace afterwards because there's no way in hell that that was part of his job requirement, and it wasn't professional at all. I have no problem with people who are religious or anything, but for someone to come to your home to do the job that they're assigned to do and get paid for by you but then shift gears and talk about his/her religious opinion is RIDICULOUS.


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