Anyone else here read the Pretty Little Liars series? Or The Lying Game?

For those wondering why anybody would read these,

  • The plots are so twisted. Stuff happens out of NOWHERE that you would have NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED. The whole book will be upsettingly predictable and then in the last fifteen pages you find out that THE GERMAN TEACHER KILLED THE SECRET TWIN'S MOM'S COUSIN BECAUSE SHE WAS ANGRY THAT HE HAD AN AFFAIR WITH HER DOG or something ridiculous.
  • The writing style is bad. Characters say things like "I guess someone having an affair would want to hide it, wouldn't they?" And the non-dialog isn't much better. We get lines like "The bruises were expertly masked by sleeves and yoga pants" (as if sleeves are some kind of secret insider tool for bruise-hiding). We get lines like "Suddenly, I was whooshing back to the memory of that night." We get lines like "Emma should know the truth about stars. Even though they look close together, in the heavens, they're a zillion miles apart." There's so much wtf-ery in these books and I cannot get enough.
  • For all the crazy plot twists, every book is incredibly formulaic. Girls find a suspect, suspect gets creepier and creepier because no one knows how to communicate properly, there's a fancy party, and at the end of the book the suspect is cleared, some random crazy shit happens, and they're back to square one. It's calming.

They're really awful in the most addicting way possible, and I highly recommend them. I just read three Lying Game books in three consecutive days and I cannot deal with the fact that I have to wait until August for the next (last!) one. Tell me one of y'all can relate?? I need somebody to go through theories with!