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Remarkable Article on Hildi Santos-Tomas

This is about the remarkable power of tv and the remarkable power people have on others that you would not conceive

This article writer found his first “safe spaces” watching Trading Spaces rooms designed by Hildi when he was a gay teen. He has an incredble love for her rooms because of what they represented to him.


I still believe she designed more for shock value and she was a bit wacky more then anything else. Yet I also find it wonderful how tv can so affect someone and in this case positively. How much her designs gave him something that was special for him.

This article reminds me that sometimes we live our lives saying yadda yadda yadda and doing our thing. Yet our yadda yadda yadda and doing our thing may not mean much to ourselves or you think has no impact yet it sometimes does both positively and negatively. You may never know who it will affect nor how. But for someone it will make an impact in ways you may not imagine

This article reminds me of that. Yes I think he has an over idealized viewpoint yet what I think matter not in fact I think its great it helped him. It makes me think about our impact on others and the power of television.



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