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Remember Me?

Probably not. I'm like the Ann of GT. Her?

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Yes. Me. Well. I got a job and it has taken sooooo much of my free time. Gone are the days of me falling down GT click spirals, dropping silly commentary and learning inside jokes. I can't even keep up on twitter.

Pity me.

But I'm really enjoying my work. I'm closing in on two weeks with the kids, with an additional week of training before that. I've been drowning in paperwork and trying to get my lessons up to speed, but I really like it. The kids are funny, and more mature than I expected 8th graders to be without the sassy and outright disrespect that I used to get from 10th graders. The other teachers I work with seem really relaxed while still being passionate about teaching, which is a wonderful combination.


When I went on a hiatus three years ago, the state was just beginning to adopt Common Core and my state just changed how they evaluate teachers this last year. So I'm coming into teaching with 5 plus years of experience in addition to my last 3 years of substitute teaching, but I feel brand new.

One bonus is that I have 3 90 minute classes of fewer than 30 students each and one 90 minute prep period to get things done. That is a lot of time! But half of that 90 minutes is taken up by meetings about data every day. PLC time is often a waste, but it's required because our school has been a failing school for years. So the people that I work with make that time count so we get things done and don't waste half of our planning time talking about things that we could all read in an email.


Another bonus is that my school is only one year old. All of the floors, windows, and doors are clean and work. The technology is up to date. My air conditioner works. This is the first time in my life (ever) that I have walked into a classroom in August and not felt the need to douse myself with water. It may sound silly, but it really makes a difference in my ability to teach if I'm not sweating through my shirt every day.

So, for those who were wondering, that's where I've been. I'm hoping to be able to contribute to GT more soon.

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