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Remember the Real World?

I thought of that show when I saw this interview with Mike “The Miz” on Buzzfeed. I started watching it on its first and best season, back with the people had jobs before, during and after the series and didn’t just do Road Rules/RW challenges for the rest of their lives. I stopped somewhere around San Diego. I definitely remember feeling too old for that show at that point and I watch a lot of anime that is probably designed for teenagers, which shows the level of maturity on that show. Vegas was the real turning show for that show becoming THE WORST. Anyway, is it still on? What was your favorite and least favorite seasons and remembrances.

Btw, above is Melissa from New Orleans who is one of my faves. And Coral. Fuck it, I loved Coral. Also Julie from Season 1 and Heather but not fucking Becky.


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