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Welp; I’m posting this at about 4:00 a.m, because I have at least one leak in my roof from snow melt. They must have damaged the roof when they were up there taking down the tree. There was certainly a lot of banging and dragging noise at the time, and I was concerned ...

There’s water all over the kitchen floor, and in the basement. I have a bucket on the fridge, but I only have one, so if it starts coming through somewhere else, I’m out of luck, and I’m seeing sagging in the paint on the wall on the other side of the room, so it’s coming down there too.


I won’t be able to get up on the roof until morning to assess the damage.

UPDATED; The water was coming through over the cupboards as well, so I thought “Fuck it; I’m going up”. It’s icy up there!

I took a broom and swept off a lot of water, and the situation might not be as dire as I thought; the eavestrough is filled with wood chips and saw dust, and is completely blocked, so it might just be so full, that it’s backing up under the roof. I swept out a lot of water, so it’s not overflowing at this point, and I’ll have to get up in the morning to clear it properly, and hope that does the trick.

For the moment, there’s still water in the roof cavity that has to drain, but if it slows/stops, I’ll know the blocked eavestrough was the problem


2ND UPDATE: There’s a thumbnail sized hole in the roof, probably from a falling branch, and likely unavoidable, given the location of the tree; leaning up and over the house. I am going to let them know, however.

I’ve cleared the eaves (which were NOT full of sawdust, as it turns out), and swept most of the water off the roof, and I’m going to let it dry for a few hours and patch it with some wet-seal silicon compound, a piece of rigid plastic (bright orange), and shit-loads of heavy mil plastic.


And the leak as stopped; Hurrah!

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