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Remember the uncommunicative, unwelcome houseguest?

Well, she went out drinking with an old boyfriend last night and just puked on the floor, the bed, the duvet and the bathroom in general.

She was obviously too sick to clean it up, sooooo yeah... that's why I'm appallingly late starting work this morning.

In other breathtakingly rude news, she stole my kid's breakfast yesterday! I had it all ready on the counter and it was sitting there waiting for SmallBeaver to come downstairs and Unwelcome Guest just scooped it up and ate it. Because OF COURSE I'm going to make her breakfast every day?


It's going to be a long month, and I suspect I'm going to need a lot of these gifs.

ETA - Background post is here - sorry, friends! And nope, not related - and yep - this will be the last I see of her.

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