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Illustration for article titled Remember where you were today 12 years ago? (remembering 9/11)

I was in high school, I was late as usual, dreading walking in class to have Ms Naggy tell me another quick blurb in spanish about my attendance.


This day was different, I walked in, and the teacher was sitting in her chair with a very "what do I do, what do I do" look on her face. I noticed there was a TV in the class room showing 1 burning building. Interesting. Moments later a plane flew into the other building. The entire room gasped, and I was still hadnt even found my seat. I was standing there like "WOW!"

Teacher told me to sit down, and another student explained what had been going on.
The rest of the day, school might as well been a 'rainy day' schedule. We didnt do much but talk about what was going on, or just watch TV and hear all the news opinions.


Do you remember where you were?

*update: Damn that picture is big, finding a smaller one.
*update: I want to thank each and every person for sharing their stories. I read all of them, and I'm almost tearing up remembering that day.

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