Just saw the local (DC) news discussing how Obama’s new overtime pay policy would affect people working on the Hill, where overtime pay varies from office to office and they still use the rules from the 1970’s.

The reporter, when talking to the guest on the show, mentioned that jobs on the Hill are not usually long-term — they’re something people starting out do to build their resumes. “So it’s like a paid internship really.”

No, dumbass, its a JOB. When you are paid for something, IT IS YOUR JOB. Can we please, as a society, stop devaluing everything someone under 30 does as an “internship?” It’s hard enough to get a real paid job rather than an unpaid internship. Let’s not continue using that language for actual jobs, as if young people don’t deserve overtime pay for working absurd hours early in their careers. You know, when they’re trying to pay off student debt and build up savings, stuff that we’re always told we aren’t doing right.