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I know I know.

It's just that I am starting to get bad cramps but really just want to drink wine. Whine.

I could just pound the wine and that usually numbs the pain but I want to get up at 8 am tomorrow and not be hungover - I have a big fun activity day planned for tomorrow and this will not do.


Decisions decisions. In the meantime, I'm in pain and it's getting worse.

<b>ETA: took one 200 mg Ibuprofin and drank some wine and feelin' fiiiinee :) Thanks everyone for your input! </b>

In other news, I had a totally fun and unexpected evening last night. On a whim, went to a new bar opening and ran into (a) an old crush! that will never go anywhere but still nice to see him (b) a couple of old friends (who I totally expected to run into) and a (c) old friend of theirs who has a side job as a palm reader and was a totally fascinating/engaging person. I made a new friend! Still smiling about last night (ok, mostly about the old crush, but still a 5 star night and to think all I had planned was vacuuming and mopping my floors which still has not been done).

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