Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Remind me I do not have my shit together

Psychiatrist today. Remind me that I don’t in fact have my shit together. That I am not doing “okay”. That I need something besides marijuana to combat my anxiety attacks. This is only a short little med check appointment so I’m really afraid I’m not going to get up the nerve to tell her the truth in that short a time frame. I’m having a really hard time focusing at work today. I’m hardly getting anything done. I need to get shit done. I was told my department did not get permission to rehire for the position opening up I was going to take. This means they can’t move me and leave my work group short staffed. I’m pretty bummed. A compromise is to move me to the new position part time until they get the go ahead to hire a new person. I have concerns this will leave me with way too much work to do. They are aware of my concerns and communicated they were going to pull 50% of my current workload back. I start at the end of the month.


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