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Welcome To The Bitchery

Remind me never to purchase spray-on sunscreen again

Ugh, I am a stickler for sunscreen, including first applying it liberally well-before going outside. I usually do it whole body after drying off from the shower so I have no errant areas left uncovered. But the spray on stuff is a HUGE mess. My whole bathroom floor is a sticky mess - even the toilet lid is coated. Gross. *Sigh* I blame CVS for not having a sufficient selection and the only 100 spf uva/uvb option being this spray on junk. I know, I know there isn't a huge difference in coverage once above 30 or 50, but just let me be. I don't care. I just want the maximum protection possible; I'm a Swede and we are not designed for intense sun, k?

What are some of your favorite sunscreen brands and delivery methods? I usually go for products designed for babies because sometimes I get a bad rash/reaction to certain sunscreens.


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