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Warning: the video below is graphic

From Clutch

The Albuquerque Journal pressed for the release of the 43-minute-long video that captures the treatment of an inmate, who has been identified as Susie Chavez. Chavez was recorded receiving violent discipline, after jail workers found that she hung posters on the walls of her cell.

For the duration of the video, captured by Sgt. Allen’s body cam, Chavez cries, shrieks and sobs as she is tasered, maced, yelled at, dragged about like a rag doll. The video is nothing short of disgusting, prompting many to call the actions taken by the police outright torture.

...according to Lt. Stephen Perkins– the president of the union that represents jail officers, neither Allen nor the other officers did anything wrong in the video.

“It’s appropriate to use force to get an inmate to stop making noise, if the ruckus is keeping the inmate from hearing and following commands,” he explained.


I also think. its important to not that this is a detention center. Not a prison, not a jail, a detention center where they often house kids and undocumented immigrants.

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