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So can we please talk about the relationship of Frank Underwood and Zoe Barnes, please?

I just found the awesomeness that is House of Cards. I'm still in the first season (I like to take things slow), so no spoilers in the comments. Little easter eggs are good, but outright plots give aways are not.


Any hoo, seeing those two characters together makes me feel things that I have long forgotten since I've been in a very vanilla relationship with a man far too sweet to ever dominate me. But OMG, when Frank does that thing when she is on the phone and the ending line before the screen fades to black, I damn near lost it.

Maybe it's because my boy and I are in different countries and it's been awhile since I've been attended to, but I can't take it. The dialog, the subtle use of power games, everything about Frank Underwood's character makes me want to strip and wait by the door on my hands and knees for his arrival.

There has only been one person that I have ever had the chance to explore this side with. He was tall and domineering, and it was awesome. He tied me up, put a collar on my neck and made me, well, you get the idea. I've wanted to explore more. Like getting dressed up in a lovely corset and leather collar, with my tits hiked up to my chin and my ass on display, waiting for the right person that would make me want to submit. The aggressive alpha male that doesn't feel the need to announce it to the world. The one that you can just smell it on him, without any words. That is Frank Underwood. Please, talk to me. What are your thoughts? Am I crazy? Kevin Spacey has never been more sexy than now and I am a little afraid of what's going to happen when I finish all the episodes and am left with only my panties and fantasies until more come.

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