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I know a lot of people here probably won’t agree, but personally I always hated Ren & Stimpy. I was a kid when it was popular, so obviously I didn’t get a lot of the jokes. So overall I found it gross and most of the time unwatchable. But the asshole teens who babysat me loooved it. And as I grew up I watched this “edgy” crap just become prevalent. Beavis and Butthead was around the same time as this, and it was another one I didn’t like. But that one wasn’t completely unwatchable for me. I just didn’t get it as a kid (or now really). But it felt like that started something which led to things like The Man Show, Spike Network, Howard Stern’s popularity, Playboy’s popularity (you couldn’t be a cool girl if you didn’t wear their bunny crap and ignore how terrible for women that was), Eminem, South Park, Family Guy, Trump’s popularity, and on and on. It was like a whole genre of crap that is supposedly intentionally offensive, but really just shits on PoC, women, and LGBTQ people. It’s all for straight white men.

So I’m not surprised the creator is a piece of shit. I’m also not surprised how everyone just went along with it. For all their talk about being edgy and “in your face”, those cowards wouldn’t rock the boat.

Kricfalusi fostered a libertine atmosphere in which taking offense was itself offensive.


This shit. This protects assholes. It allows them the freedom to be as sexist, racist, and homophobic as they want, and no one can fight it. Hell, it allows them to murder and rape people as much as they want, mostly without consequence.

Mora said Kricfalusi left out a drawing he made of Byrd, naked, with a dog ejaculating on her.

Just to recap that’s the 16-yr old girl he groomed and manipulated into a sexual relationship. On top of that, he humiliates her further. And if she had said so much as “Hey, I don’t like that” there would have been hell to pay.

The article worries so much about people’s reactions cause they like the cartoon...why don’t you think about why that cartoon is so fucking important to you.

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