Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

YOU GUYS, I am so good and discovering INTERNET SECRETS of plaintiffs in the lawsuits I'm defending. People are so bad at internetting and I am so good at finding their dumbassery!

There's the lady who said she was in so much pain she could no longer travel, and I found her fiance's online photo albums of hundreds of photos of her on 8 vacations (many international) in 2 years! So the case, which initially had a demand of ~$200,000, settled for $20,000 (insurer preferred to settle rather than go to trial).


Then, today, GLORY. I found hundreds of pages of medical records that a plaintiff put online (what?! that alone, I mean, huh?!) but failed to disclose to the defense! And this find took a bit of guesswork and sleuthing! YES YES YES YES, I am gonna win the motion I have up next week! WHEEEE!

ETA: lots of people have recommended this post and, to cover my ass, I'm adding a disclaimer that I'd rather not have it mainpaged. I'm sure it wouldn't be, but given that I am talking about work, I'm paranoid. HUGS-N-KISSES.

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