Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Renovation/Design Blogs

Mr. Buttcheeks and I are moving! We'll be renting for the first couple of months until we get a feel for the town, but we're starting to wrap our heads around how much work we are willing to do when we buy a house.

He's extremely hands on and talented as far as home renovations go. His whole family is, which is nice because we would hopefully be able to tap them for help when needed. I can...paint? And probably sand things? I'm really fucking good at picking out paint colours, I know that much. But I'd like to help out a little more if I can. Even if it's just telling the talented people what I want things to look like.


So, DIY GT-ers: tell me your favourite reno and design blogs! I found design sponge and spent about three days going down that rabbit hole. I'm ready for more!

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