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Rent and the Government Shutdown

Dearest GT'ers, I once again need your help and advice....for a friend. Said friend has received a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. She works for the government, so her checks have been delayed. She will have the money, but not for about 6 days instead of three. Does she have any recourse, considering that this is totally out of her hands? I would think there would be some provisions in place to help protect the people that are being so directly effected by the shutdown. Maybe I am just a dreamer. Do any of you kind people have any advice or ideas? She lives paycheck to paycheck, so she is really upset, as she has nowhere to go if she is evicted. I told her to look up the Dept. of fair housings website, but since it is government run, I don't think there will be much relevant advice. She lives in California, if that makes any difference. Thanks so much in advance.

ETA: Thanks again to everyone! I love this forum so much, you all are great. I am sending this to her now.


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