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Rent. I'm curious

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So that main paged topic about rent has me wondering... How much do you guys pay for rent?

I live in so Cali, I slept on a couch for many years for about $300 a month, and the idea of renting a Garage for $925 doesnt seem that absurd to me (especially if you live close to the beach).

I used to pay 1550 for a two story 2.5 bed town house only because we lived there prior to them being able to raise rent (only 3% a year)

The neighbors, who had just moved in, had about half the living space, payed 1900.

How much do you pay where you live?

ETA: I think I hate all of you. Feels like moving out of Cali isnt a bad idea.
ETA2: THANKS FOR THE HUGE RESPONSE.. really only expected about 10 people to comment at most. Its actually really insightful.


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