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(Also posted in SNS) :)

Hey ya’ll! I’ve been away from a lovely case of food poisoning that hit me on Thursday morning after eating a nice steak Wednesday night. MMM mmmm!

Fuck It Friday will be back this Friday. :)

Anyhoo, now that I’m 70%? back to myself, I need some advice on renting/negotiating etc.


I’m coming up on the end of my first lease in August. I’m not really wanting to stay in it because I’d like to upgrade as I received a little raise this year and would also like to move closer to work since I take a bunch of toll roads. I’m grateful to have found this unit so fast when I did since I relocated and needed a place fast however after some time in it I realize this guy is cheeeeaaaaap. He had the price above average prior to moving in so I asked for $100 less and he surprisingly agreed so I signed for a year and boom. Done. His rent is priced for a unit with new appliances/flooring etc. but his unit’s appliances/flooring are yellowing/incredibly old, cracked, and the carpeting on the staircase is loose so it snags on my heels when I go downstairs which worries me I can take a fall one day. So his rent is already above what he’s offering and I agreed to it bc I needed a place fast. I’m worried he’s going to jack up the rent now come August.

My question is - if I don’t find another place in time and have to stay another year, can I negotiate him NOT raising the rent telling him he needs to upgrade his stuff/fix his loose carpeting? Can I also ask if he is willing to let me pay month-to-month rent? I already feel like I’m getting totally ripped off - I’m new to this so I can’t wrap my head around trying to find a place in the exact month my lease is ending - how is that...possible to find your perfect place within that short time frame??? How do people do that? I see places I like available NOW but I can’t break my lease. :(

Thanks, everyone and Happy Sunday!


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