I bought the dvd a while ago. My mother was on the fence to see it. She loves musical but post Chicago its hit or miss with her.

We loved it. We were going through the Rodgers and Hammerstein movie set. We still have King and I and South Pacific to see. We saw Sound of Music so many times we may wait a while. I love this pair except really disliked.State Fair with Ann Margret.

I loved the characters in Rent. I liked the start but the openning song I thought it was about life in general then it hit my mother about a third into the movie itwas a song about AIDS. I suspect she is right it makes sense.

What made me fall in love with the movie was the song Another Day. Here is the stage version. I loved the character of Mimi. On the surface she was a mess uet conveyed strength. Yet underneath she was desperate to live. She knew her time was short and wanted every moment. She wanted love but I thought she wanted to love more. . I suspected she had HIV considering Roger’s late girlfriend had died from AIDS and also a drug user.

Was the reason of her disappearence because Roger left? It was never fully explained.


Maureen ok she could have been the great granddaughter of Ado Annie. She seemed like a modern day version of the Rodger and Hammerstein comic character and well even Singing In the Rain she could have been Cosmo Brown’s great grandchild (Annie and Brown’s children meeting and having kids).

Yet Maureen could also be very serious yet seemed almost as the comic relief character.


Angel the dog song was gross but I reallly liked her. The song about love as rent was a great love song but also very sad. They both knew their time was short and love would be just as long as a rental place not forever.

Actually what also made it so great was how Mark, Joanne and Maureen were really witnesses to Mimi and Roger’s relationship and Collins and Angel’s relationship. You knew Mark, Joanne and Maureen would be fine. The other four their time was marked.

Ok we loved it until the ending. For me it was such a cowardly ending. In reality Mimi would have died she had HIV, drug user and had pneumonia living in the park. Along with not taking her medication. Those with HiV and AIDS pneumonia was the final death sentence meaning this was the cause of death. The HIV would have turned to AIDS and she would not have leapt from the table from being well dead. It seemed way to improbable. For a musical about the AIDS epidemic and let’s face it NYC in this community made up of artists, dancers and musicians was ground zero along with San Fransisco. Along with the devestation AIDS had to drug users and still does.


Oh Mark was definately the modern Nick from Great Gatsby the one you know who told the story except Mark documented it on film and would never run off.

See it now. I want to see it on stage.