Pursuant to my comment yesterday about my impending move, I'm putting my house up for rent. The listing went up on Sunday. I had a surprising number of inquiries. Which is good! Yay for renting!

However, having spent much of my life on the internet has made me a little paranoid. I evaluate every email I receive for its potential to be a scam. When someone asks what the specific address is (I didn't give it out in the listing) my kneejerk reaction is WHY DO YOU PLAN ON ROBBING ME? HAHA, JOKES ON YOU. ALL MY SHIT IS CRAP. ALSO, ROTTWEILERS.

Which is totally ridiculous. Of course people need to know my address to come by and see the place, or do a drive by.

I received, oh, three or four emails that were all phrased exactly the same and had the same poor punctuation, and the names attached to these emails were all ... um, 'unique'. Like three of them were First Name (Country) and Last Name (Random Word). I had an Asia and an India, both of which are legitimate first names (and countries), but their messages were exactly the same with exactly the same spelling. I responded to both of them. India didn't write back. Asia did, but only wanted to talk on the phone, so now I'm mulling over whether to respond to her(?).

Anyone else here rent their house/apartment? Words of advice?