It's just.. I don't begin to even.. So it's 23.58. Iget up from my desk to go to the shared laundry room of this two-flat house. As I'm about to exit my door I hear steps coming from upstairs. I reconsider exiting because I don't want to see my neighbour lady. Neighbour lady goes downstairs, presumably to the laundryroom, comes up again, I think she goes down again and then goes up again. Closes her door. I go to the laundry room. The door is locked. My laundy is drying in that room.

I come back to the computer. It is now 00.03.

So we have a schedule. Our laundry days are from wednesday noon to saturday midnight. Other days are neighbour's days. We started with no schedule. Me and my father were feeling (like nordic people) that 'tis a bit wasteful that the heating in laundry room should be on full blast when it's dry and warm outside (we have lines outside as well) or when all the laundry in the room is already dry anyway, even if it's not our laundry. Obviously we were mistaken. Lady pulled that 'locking the laundry room door' shit on us. Finally father was able to talk to her, we had a schedule for using the laundry room for drying purposes, anybody could still wash their stuff anytime.

Now winter. So I'm gathering my washing. I notice it's a bit cool and damp in the laundry room, there's mold on the wall in the far corner, the heating is not on (the room's on ground level). It is not our 'drying day' but I turn the radiator on anyway. After a couple of times me doing this I am reminded of my erroneous ways with the lady locking the door again and then coming to talk to us. I promise not to fuck with the radiator when it's not our drying day.

I do not fuck with the radiator when it's not our drying day ever again. At some point lady still starts locking the door during her days. We do not say a word. She sometimes leaves for the weekends which means her timed switch for the TV is still on at early mornings on saturday and sunday when we would like to sleep a bit longer than 6.45 am. Mother or father goes to the house's main electric switchbox, or whatever it's called in english, to turn the electricity off from her flat for a while to stop the TV from screeching so ealry in her flat. I don't think we have said a word about that either.


And now my laundry is locked in.

I just soo want to fuck with her somehow and get passive agressive revenge on her ass. But I don't want my parents to lose the lease. I'm thinking not moving out until maybe september (father's not here during the week so I'm helping mother with little bro, during the summer they're all buggering off and I would be alone, starting new schoolyear I hope bro will be a little more self sufficient, we are already trying out short rides on the bus on his own and he has a cell phone now).


I just want my pants and socks back.

ETA: thank you for the encouraging advice, everybody! I do actually possess a part in my brain that has come up with similar possible routes of civility I could take. most of those involve confrontation tho, I'm currently in camp NO, NO, DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS! Losing the lease is probably too hyberbolic of a fear, more likely the neighbour will come and TALK with my mother and then mother will be upset with me and I will feel like a dissapointment AGAIN and I have mommy issues, okay...


and no, it's not her house, she's renting too. she totally freaked the previous tenant of our flat (previous tenant did throw a loud moving-in-party and that seems a big no in my book as well so that whole situation seems justified based on the tiny bits of information we have received) so I guess that's why we got such a good deal on the rent because the flat comes with a crazy neighbour lady extra. and the landlord's a really old local man. he does speak some english but he's really old and not very hearing anymore so my stance on him is also NO, NO, DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH HIM!