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Renting with a cat

Does anyone have any advice about renting with a cat? All the letting agencies I've been in touch with just say no and then try to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. Alternatively, please cheer me up.

I've been told to just not mention it but I'm worried about the pair of us getting thrown out if I got caught. Besides which, I feel really uncomfortable about the idea of lying by omission. And if I sign a "no pets" contract, that's just straight up lying. But where I'm moving to has huge demand for rental property, so landlords can pick and choose.


My new job starts in May and I just have no idea what to do if I can't find somewhere that'll let me take Dillie. The letting agents have, by and large, been extremely unfriendly and unhelpful about it and I'm just starting to feel really negative about the whole thing.

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