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Renting woes & Dogs eating inappropriate things. UPDATED


We called Manitoba Hydro and asked about the natural gas and electricity bills. Turns out our neighbour upstairs has her unit heated through electric baseboards, so we don't share our gas meter with her. So that massive bill is ours D: The helpful customer service person encouraged us to give her our meter readings since the bill was based on an estimate. The estimate was SUPER far off! Instead of the $326.49 bill, our bill was actually supposed to be $178.52!



We did not end up finding any coloured dog poos, so that was a let down.

April 2 Post:

So we moved into a new place about a month ago. It is the main floor of a duplex, we really like it, lots of space for us and our dog even though it is only a 1 bedroom, we have the entire basement to ourselves.


Today we got our first hydro bill. It was $326.49. $122.27 for electric and $204.22 for the natural gas.


I was expecting max $200, considering the landlord said on average the price for the hydro bill was about $75-100 a month for each unit. I had JUST accepted the fact that we are going to have to pay this giant bill when it dawns on me...there is only one natural gas meter in the basement, but there are two electric meters outside.

When the person from the hydro company came to read the meters he even said we have one natural gas meter in the basement and then two electric meters outside.


If this is true then we are paying the gas bill for both units?! WTF! Also the tenant upstairs leaves her windows open during the day IN WINNIPEG IN THE WINTER. There is NO WAY I am paying for the other tenant to ruin the environment, especially considering we try hard to save money by setting our heat at 18 degrees when we are home, and 15 degrees at night as well as when we aren't home.

I tried internetting to find out if Winnipeg/Manitoba have any shared meter laws, and read the general residental tenancy act but there was nothing in there about it.


I am going to call my landlord about it but first I want to call the hydro company to make sure there is only one natural gas meter but they are only open until 8pm.

I am just really pissed that I have to deal with this after working/schooling for 12 hours today. ALSO: my husband put the dog in our room when he left to go out with friends and the dog ate 1/2 kg of sour patch kids I just bought from Bulk Barn to get me through the last few weeks of the semester.


Today sucks.

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