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Rep. John Lewis MLK Speech Fantastic The Montgomery Portion Chilling But Heroic

Yes Donald Trump John Lewis is a man of talk but also great action. A man who had done far more in just the first 25 years of life then either of us could imagine. Where were you Trump while he and his compatriots were crossing a bridge only to be met by batons and fists? A man who was beaten more then once. A man who met one of his beaters and former KKK member later in life and the beater apologized to Lewis in front of his own son. That was an act of courage, do you Trump have the courage to apologize yourself.

Yes I realize DJT does not read groupthink although who knows.

For the rest of groupthink.

The speech in case you missed it. Its fantastic. Also I hope Lewis also realize which he does how blessed he was to have a support system of parents who wanted him to be educated, teachers who supported him. MLK who helped him.


Heroes Representative Lewis proved heroes are both formed to become heroes and born to be heroes.

A far better man then I or Trump.

It is long at over thirty minutes but soooo riveting and good. Show it to your students if possible.

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