Every time one of these bills comes up in a state, we need this to happen again. Even if the filibuster rules are different, even if they can't "storm" the capital - we need the mass protesting to keep happening and to be loud. We need to make sure that the nation sees how seriously we are taking this issue. Texans (I was born there so I like to claim partial Texan), you have set the example. We need to keep this momentum going.

I have an "alternative" sort of friend who has a group that goes around and protests for different causes - to give groups/causes they agree with some extra bodies. It occurred to me today, that it would be useful if we could organize something like this via Jez. I know that I have limited time and income, like most of us, but I am in Louisiana and could totally travel to neighboring Gulf Coast states for this cause with no problem, because I have people I could crash with, etc.

How do we do this?