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Replace or fix?

Well, really just best practices in buying advice. So I have a 2010 Macbook (the cute white ones they don't make any more!) and I've always loved it, and it has worked fine despite being 5 years old and ancient in computer years. Sure, it could use a RAM upgrade but I've never had any major issues with it.

Except that now, in the past few months, it dies with a few minutes unless it stays plugged in. I haven't tried really to fix this, because it's my home computer so it's not a big deal. I also recently went with it on a business trip where a few things happened - first, it obviously became kind of inconvenient that I couldn't be very mobile with it, second (and least important) I work in tech so I felt a little lame there with my obviously old timey computer, and third, I left the charger for it behind, which given the problem above, is kind of major because it basically renders my laptop unusable.

My dilemma is this: Do I go ahead and just bite the bullet and buy a new computer? I'd get a refurb Air for around $800, which I have but damn it I'm just getting my savings account to where I would like it to be! Or do I just buy the new power cord which is around $80 and keep using the older one I have?


Part of me feels like I'm being ridiculous because I have a laptop that works okay for what I need..... except for that whole, it can't be unplugged thing.... and that I'm silly for wanting a nicer looking one or that I'm like one of those horrible consumers that is like "oh I lost the charge cord? I'LL JUST BUY A WHOLE NEW ONE!!"

The other part of me realizes that I am absolutely terrible at spending large amounts of money like this and maybe the smart consumer thing to do is to buy a new one given that this one is at the beginning stages of starting to fail and that realistically spending 80 dollars on something that I will have to replace probably sooner rather than later is actually the more wasteful move.

These are the types of decisions that growing up poor makes impossible - you always find the cheapest way to be functional because that's all you can handle out of pocket and it's gets so hard to a) try to think long term and figure out what actually will save you money in the long run and b) then convince yourself that it's okay to do and that if I spend this money now I won't like immediately lose my job tomorrow and be homeless on the street hating myself for spending that money.

Help logical, non crazy, objective minds!

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